What’s Cooking

In order to see what’s cooking you need to see through the oven door.

Recently I tackled our oven door with plenty of elbow grease (available from Wilko at £9.99 a tin – if it’s not visible on the shelf you may need to ask a member of staff) and a specialist oven cleaner called Astonish (also from Wilko).

This provides a slightly abrasive, orange cleaning paste and a sponge applicator suitable for the glass on oven doors.

On our door, it is possible to remove the glass for cleaning (following instruction given in the user manual for the cooker). There are 3 separate pieces of glass making up the door panel.

The door glass was gleaming after about 2 hours of intensive work. The cleaner did work but also required a lot of elbow grease to remove the years of ingrained deposits on the glass.

Job well done, if I say so myself.

(Door on right still waiting to be done)

… and the door on the right is now done !