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Visual Studio Code (VS Code) is a lightweight source code editor which runs on your desktop and is available for Windows, macOS and Linux. It has built in support for JavaScript and Node.JS and extensions available for other languages such as C# and Python etc.

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Bringing VS Code to the browser

Now a lightweight version of VS Code is available which runs fully in your web browser without the need to install it on your device.

Browsers that support the File System Access API (eg the latest versions of Edge and Chrome) allow web pages to access the local file system (with your permission).

(Note: Read more about File System Access API at

This simple gateway to the local machine quickly opens some interesting scenarios for using VS Code for the Web as a zero-installation local development tool, such as:

  • Local file viewing and editing. Quickly take notes (and preview!) in Markdown. Even if you are on a restricted machine where you cannot install the full VS Code, you may still be able to use to view and edit local files.
  • Build client-side HTML, JavaScript, and CSS applications in conjunction with the browser tools for debugging.
  • Edit your code on lower powered machines like Chromebooks, where you can’t (easily) install VS Code.
  • Develop on your iPad. You can upload/download files (and even store them in the cloud using the Files app), as well as open repositories remotely with the built-in GitHub Repositories extension.

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