Video Work

I recently needed to record a video of my screen to capture the path being taken by hurricane Elsa and discovered a screen capture utility, built into Windows 10, that enables a user to record their display. In the past I’ve used 3rd party software such as Camtasia, from TechSmith

and Snagit (also from TechSmith)

But is there anything FREE available ?

Windows 10 Xbox Game Bar

Originally designed to share and interact with other Xbox players, the Xbox Game Bar can also be used for general purpose activities including the ability to record video clips.

It provides a widget that allows you to record what is happening in the current active window – but does not record what happens on your desktop or in a File Explorer window. It should not be confused with the Windows 10 Snip & Sketch tool for capturing an image of your whole screen or an area of your screen. The tool will capture a video of your screen in H.264 MP4 format.

Go to Settings > Gaming > Xbox Game Bar and check that the Game Bar is switched ON. (It is also possible to set different shortcuts for various Game Bar features on this page).

To open the Game Bar on your desktop, use the Windows shortcut Win + G or search and launch the Xbox Game Bar App.

in order from left to right after the Xbox logo, these options are

  • Widget Menu
  • Audio
  • Capture
  • Performance
  • Xbox Social

Items displayed in the bar can be customised from the Widget menu

Widget Menu

Capture Widget

Performance Widget

Available (default) keyboard shortcuts

Record a video

The Capture widget lets you record a video of the currently active window. To start/stop recording use the keyboard shortcut Win + Alt + M

A banner is displayed to show that recording is in progress, and can be stopped as required. It is possible to record audio on the video if a microphone is available.

Here’s one I recorded earlier, running VLC Media Player on my Surface Pro machine

Quick Edits

There must be a good, and cheap – preferably free – video editing program, but I’ve yet to find it. All I want to do is trim/split a video into a number of parts, optionally crop them and splice bits together. No I don’t want to do it online and neither do I want a company watermark embedded in them. Perhaps I should write one myself – maybe for my next project.


A simple to use program to trim and/or split a video into segments used to be available in Windows, however, Windows Movie Maker, part of Windows Essentials 2012, is no longer available for download. I did find that the Windows 10 Photos App has an easy to use Video Editor and was able to use the trim option to extract a portion of the original video.


I discovered a Trial Version of a video editing program that provides the ability to crop a video. This is VideoProc available at

It was simple to crop this video into a suitable 16:9 format for the final version, as follows