Move Desktop folder out of OneDrive

A couple of new machines in the house, LDK with a DELL Inspiron 14 Laptop and MPK with a DELL OptiPlex 5090 Micro Form Factor Desktop – more on that later.

Moving the Desktop folder out of OneDrive on Windows 10

Of course, OneDrive is closely integrated with Windows 10 which is not universally appreciated, but since it’s early days I have been happy to use it for storing data, however it can be uninstalled if so desired from Settings…Apps & features…

This particular problem was noticed after setting up the laptop when, for some unknown reason, the Desktop had popped over to the OneDrive folder. This means that anything created on the Desktop is automatically uploaded to the OneDrive cloud.

To stop this happening, it is necessary to move the Desktop folder out of the OneDrive folder.

Navigate to the OneDrive folder, which can still exist even if OneDrive has been uninstalled, usually at


Right-click the Desktop folder and select Properties from the menu.

On the Properties window select the Location tab and click the Restore Default button.

Follow the prompts to verify that you want to move the location of the folder.

Once the Desktop folder has been moved to its default location, it can be accessed at:


All links to the desktop folder, for example the one in Quick Access in File Explorer will be updated automatically to use this new (default) location. 

It is presumed that the Desktop had been moved to the OneDrive folder in order to enable the synchronisation of desktop files between multiple systems

I noted a similar issue with the <strong>Documents</strong> folder. In this case, I simply moved the Documents folder back to