Mars 2020 – 2 weeks to landing

Perseverance is due to touch down on Mars in two weeks time, Thursday 18 February 2021, at approximately 20:55 GMT. It has travelled around 275,800,000 miles so far and there are around 16,670,000 miles remaining to reach Mars at a speed of 48,795 mph.

The rover will begin its descent towards the surface at a speed over 12,000 mph before slowing to a speed of about 2 mph.

A simulation is available at

The whole “entry-descent-landing” process is automated and takes around 7 minutes to complete. It takes more than 11 minutes to get radio signals from Mars to Earth so that the mission control team cannot provide any assistance while Perseverance is landing.

Perseverance is aiming to land in the Jerez Crater

Jezero Crater sits within the Isidis Planitia region of Mars, where an ancient asteroid or comet impact left behind a large basin some 750 miles (1200 kilometers) across. This event forever changed the rocks in and around the basin. A later, smaller impact created Jezero Crater within the Isidis impact basin. There is evidence of ancient river flow into Jezero, forming a lake that has long since been dry. Scientists believe that these events likely created environments friendly to life.

NASA will be broadcasting live during the landing on 18 February 2021 from 19:15 GMT from