Home Location Register (HLR)

Mobile Phone Data

A company based in Hong Kong, Velocity Made Good Ltd, provides a service to obtain realtime mobile phone data



All mobile network operators are connected within a system called the SS7 signaling network.

The SS7 transports data about subscribers, networking, voice calls, and SMS text messages between the carriers.

Real-time context and status information about every mobile phone is stored in databases called “Home Location Registers” (HLR).

HLR Lookups is a technology to query home location registers and acquire live networking and connectivity information about mobile phone numbers stored in a mobile network operator’s HLR.

Unlike static mobile number portability queries (MNP Lookups), which only provide network and portability information (MCCMNC) from periodically updated and static portability databases, HLR Lookups obtain live mobile phone connectivity and portability data from mobile network operators (MNOs) directly.

The HLR Lookups API and Enterprise Web Client accept mobile phone numbers (MSISDN) as input and returns information on whether these numbers are

  • valid or invalid
  • to which network it belongs
  • whether a mobile phone is switched on or switched off
  • currently active in a network (connected? absent?)
  • their MCCMNC (Mobile Country Code and Mobile Network Code)
  • IMSI (International Mobile Subscriber Identity)
  • information on whether they’re ported from one network to another (portability)
  • whether they are currently roaming
  • their relevant Mobile Switching Center (MSC)

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