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Visual Studio Code for the Web

Background Visual Studio Code (VS Code) is a lightweight source code editor which runs on your desktop and is available for Windows, macOS and Linux. It has built in support for JavaScript and Node.JS and extensions available for other languages such as C# and Python etc. More info at: Bringing VS Code to the […]

WebP – an image format for the Web

In a recent update of one of my blogs, to use the latest version of WordPress (5.8), the release notes mentioned that WordPress now supports WebP Images WebP is a modern image format that provides improved lossless and lossy compression for images on the web. WebP images are around 30% smaller on average than their […]

Video Work

I recently needed to record a video of my screen to capture the path being taken by hurricane Elsa and discovered a screen capture utility, built into Windows 10, that enables a user to record their display. In the past I’ve used 3rd party software such as Camtasia, from TechSmith and Snagit (also from […]

Embed YouTube video in WordPress

The easiest way is to select the Share button under the video in YouTube and copy the link and paste it into your post. However, in this blog with the theme “Simple Bootstrap”, the video was not resizing properly as the page became smaller and the video was being truncated. An alternative is to embed […]

Allocation of JIT memory failed

Error Log for is showing multiple PHP errors. “Allocation of JIT memory failed, PCRE JIT will be disabled” PHP tries to get executable memory for the PCRE JIT and is blocked by Dreamhost’s configuration. PHP then displays this message, falls back to non-JIT PCRE, and continues processing with the JIT disabled. That’s why this […]

Protecting files from prying eyes

Some techniques for safeguarding your files. When a file is encrypted and password protected nobody can read the file unless they know the password. How to Password Protect and Encrypt files in Microsoft 365 For Word, Excel and Powerpoint – Microsoft 365 documents, Click the File tab Click Info Click Protect Document (Word) or Protect […]