Category: Gadgets

A15 Bluetooth Speaker

Recently obtained the Lenrue A15 Bluetooth (wireless) speaker having previously blown up the Cambridge 5.1 Sound Surround system which has been around for more than 20 years!! It was purchased from Amazon at around £30.00 What’s in the box 1 x LENRUE IPX7 waterproof Bluetooth Speaker 1 x 3.5mm Audio Cable 1 x Micro […]

New Bits and Pieces

A number of recently purchased items. Recently I needed to read a CD on my Surface Pro device which doesn’t have a CD/DVD drive so looked to see what USB devices are available. Noticed a drop in performance between connected devices and it turns out I was using USB 2.0 cables to connect USB 3.0 […]

TP-Link TL-WA850RE Wifi Extender

Recently there was a problem with the wi-fi range extender (to improve the wi-fi signal in the office). Trying to find the manual was difficult so I decided to write it up here with links to the relevant manuals. The TL-WA850RE Wifi Extender was relatively cheap, although may not be the best one available, and […]

USB Soundcard

There are issues with the soundcard resulting in poor playback (fading high to low intermittently on playback) in my (old) laptop (DELL XPS-15 L501x) which has lasted more than 10 years (so far). I tried updating the audio drivers (Realtek High Definition Audio) as recommended, but this didn’t resolve the issue. The Dell audio system […]

Apple – Adative Keyboard

Apple have recently, 29 Dec 2020, been granted a patent in the United States, US 10,877,570 B1 that defines an Adaptive Keyboard where each key on a keyboard is essentially a miniature display that can be changed dynamically according to the users need, for example, when using a foreign language, or which can adapt to […]